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Human attitude to nature is disgusting for eleves enough to provoke a lot of conflicts. It is very unpleasant for elves to look on human wooden buildings, they even can't enter those buildings... so, those who travel through human lands prefer to stay in the open air at night.

Army and units

  • Attack and defense are not just increase or reduce damage in battle. The main thing influencing on result of the blow - is the difference between indexes of attack and defense of armies in battle. If this difference is significant, damage will be increased or reduced correspondingly.
  • Maximum bonus attack or defense can give - is to triple the increase or decrease of damage.
  • Morale - very important parameter able to increase or reduce army's military efficiency. Morale's maximum value is 7, when the unit reaches it, it gets one out-of-turn step, but loses one value of morale.
  • Minimum value -7 - at that, the unit becomes panic-stricken and acts unpredictably.
  • Every value of morale over 0 adds 10% to a damage the unit causes, and 1 point of initiative. Morale's decrease lower than 0 acts conversely.
  • Other races units in your army get morale penalty. Take it into account.
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