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Orcs have no priests; warriors-berserks are the closest to gods, their holy rage is well known. Berserks live separately from other orcs, sometimes in small community, and often become shamans - well, if they live long enough.

Army and units

  • Attack and defense are not just increase or reduce damage in battle. The main thing influencing on result of the blow - is the difference between indexes of attack and defense of armies in battle. If this difference is significant, damage will be increased or reduced correspondingly.
  • Maximum bonus attack or defense can give - is to triple the increase or decrease of damage.
  • Morale - very important parameter able to increase or reduce army's military efficiency. Morale's maximum value is 7, when the unit reaches it, it gets one out-of-turn step, but loses one value of morale.
  • Minimum value -7 - at that, the unit becomes panic-stricken and acts unpredictably.
  • Every value of morale over 0 adds 10% to a damage the unit causes, and 1 point of initiative. Morale's decrease lower than 0 acts conversely.
  • Other races units in your army get morale penalty. Take it into account.
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