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Elves don't cultivate the land. Until the humans came, they didn't know what is wheat or corn, and even knowing they don't want to grow it. Human cereals are very popular among elves and it is one of the main products exported by Empire to Glennytir.


  • With some enemies it is easier to fight, with others - it is heavier. All depends on your class and your tactics. There's no universal tactics - you always need special approach.
  • If you're a mage - watch for your mana level or you can be caught unaware.
  • If you're a warrior and use scrolls - consider that your magic power is low and mana level even lower.
  • Remember, even the strongest warrior with big army has unlucky days… always have reserves, and think over the way to retreat beforehand.
  • Artifact you need in one battle can be useless in another one, where it is better to use other tactics.
  • Use all available artifacts and magic - even minimum advantage, sometimes, can influence the result.
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