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Divine Grace
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However surprising it may seem, humans combine tolerance and intolerance - when majority of them treat other races kindly, some individuals even hate representatives of their own species, if they differ from them by color of skin or shape of eyes.


  • With some enemies it is easier to fight, with others - it is heavier. All depends on your class and your tactics. There's no universal tactics - you always need special approach.
  • If you're a mage - watch for your mana level or you can be caught unaware.
  • If you're a warrior and use scrolls - consider that your magic power is low and mana level even lower.
  • Remember, even the strongest warrior with big army has unlucky days… always have reserves, and think over the way to retreat beforehand.
  • Artifact you need in one battle can be useless in another one, where it is better to use other tactics.
  • Use all available artifacts and magic - even minimum advantage, sometimes, can influence the result.
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