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Elves don't like fire. They almost don't use it - well, may be for cooking, but as lights they prefer magic fires. Even in the time of war they prefer not to use it as weapon... to destroy buildings and fortifications they use magic and seeds of plants able to grow through the hardest stone and take to pieces any human fort in a few hours.


  • Be polite and cool-blooded in chat. Strict measures will be applied to violators of the rules and boors, right up to ban and hero removal.
  • If you want to speak with definite person - use personal messages or private chat.
  • If you need to buy something - ask other players, it is possible that they'd like to sell this something to you.
  • Consider, that chat is read by many people - do not litter it with unnecessary and senseless messages.
Age of Heroes IV: Blood & Twilight
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