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Slave-trade brings big profit to clans of orcs, especially slave-trade with demonids race, but most of them prefer ransom for slaves.


  • Battles with other players in peace zones are possible after mutual consent. These battles don't entail loss of troops, gold or artifacts.
  • Battles in war or lawless zones entail irreplaceable losses in army; also, the part of defeated party property goes to a winner.
  • If you don't want to fight - avoid warzones, as everything is possible there. Also, there's nothing to do there with weak army or low level hero.
  • Battles on arena are performed at it's full capacity - you lose troops in battles, but you don't lose gold and property.
  • Don't try to overshoot the marksman or overspell the mage - attack their weak spots.
  • Remember, your skills come with your experience, there's nothing shameful to lose to the opponent who is stronger than you. Gain your strength - and one day your time will come!
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