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Elves don't like fire. They almost don't use it - well, may be for cooking, but as lights they prefer magic fires. Even in the time of war they prefer not to use it as weapon... to destroy buildings and fortifications they use magic and seeds of plants able to grow through the hardest stone and take to pieces any human fort in a few hours.


  • It is easier to buy many useful artifacts from other heroes, but not in the store. Ask, haggle, fix the price.
  • If you don't need the artifact - it's not for sure that no one need. Write to a chat - may be you'll sell it for higher price.
  • Prices in stores are always high, but they buy things for low prices; but it is the only way when you need to sell something quickly.
  • Some unique objects one can meet very rarely. So, look attentively what you found on the battle field, and calculate in advance what can be the price for it.
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