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Orcs are not monogamous, so theoretically orc is able to have several wives. But practically one can't find such family - orcs explain that it's hard to cope even with one woman of orcs. Other races think that orcs use battle axes in quarrels.

Dear fans and players of Age of Heroes Online!

25 january 2013
Age Of Heroes Online 2

Qplaze studio has two news for you: one is good and the other is not good. Let us start with the not good one. Sadly enough, the support and development of the current project Age of Heroes Online will be stopped. However, we will not shut down the servers, and we will continue to keep them in good working condition. The good news is, we officially announce – Age of Heroes Online 2.0 will be developed.

Rumours are afloat among our fans that there is an investor who is ready to invest money in the development of brand new AOHO for iOS and Android platforms. We confirm that we are having talks with several investors. We also want you to know that regardless of the results of negotiations we are ready to work on AOHO2, the only difference is the starting date. If our negotiations are successful, we will start the development in March 2013, if not – it will start by the end of the year after our development staff completes Qplaze Texas Holdem.

AOHO2 as We See It

We will try to use in the new game as much ideas and elements from the first game as possible. The new game will be completely 3D. As before, there will be a global map and locations accessible to our hero. The battle-system will stay pretty much the same. In addition, new clans and unique clan locations will emerge and will be accessible through the global map to clan members only. The hero will have a place to return to, a place where he can have a rest and recuperate, a place that he can improve and develop – his own city. The game will shine with new colours: new animation and special effects will be added into battles.

We plan to work hard on content management system. Therefore, it will be much easier to add new races, heroes, quests and locations.

Still, there are several things to work on, such as script and plot. The presentation that has already leaked out elicited discussion and comments on the forum. It is too early to discuss the details of the upcoming game. It is a tentative document, and one should not take it too serious. The idea of this document is to show the investor how we see our future project. By the time we start working on AOHO2 we will invite all the people who are interested in this project to our special private forum to discuss their vision of the upcoming project. We will appreciate if you share your ideas and thoughts with us.

Why Did We Decide to Create a New Game Instead of Supporting the Old One?

We made this decision for different reasons, and the main ones are:

The Obsolescence of Java as a Gaming Platform for Mobile Phones

The current trends are Android and iOS, and perhaps Windows Mobile in future. The number of phones using Java is decreasing, and serious players start using modern platforms. It is impossible to “port” Age of Heroes Online on these platforms in its current state. The reason is a huge difference in technologies and in the level of graphics.

Difficulties in Supporting the Current Game Code

The first lines of code of Age of Heroes Online were written long ago, in 2006. The code was rewritten and updated a great many times ever since. Several different programmers worked on the code, therefore it has a lot of “workarounds” and amendments made in a rough-and-ready fashion. At present the level of this error “storage” is critical, and any correction or revision may create even more errors. Besides, there is also one more essential issue related to Java phones in 2008 – all the graphics is stored on the server and is transmitted to the user’s phone as the need arises. In programmers language it is called “thin client”. It was a great solution at that time, and even players, who had limitation of 65Kb for jar. could play the game. But as far as new platforms with their vast capabilities are concerned it is more logical to create games with all the needed graphics and the ability to download updates – “thick client”. It is easier to develop and debug such client.

Outdated Content Management System

Any attempt to add a new quest, character or location in consideration of all the “workarounds” in code becomes a major challenge that may damage the code. On top of that, a lot of corrections are made only by means of immediate correction of the game’s database. There are no shortcuts to do it, because all the necessary algorithms are already out-of-date, and do not work properly, or just do not exist at all. It is a real challenge for any long-running project, such as AOHO or LiveJournal. Please see details: ( ).

Any Updating Process is Not Compensated

As any commercial organization we work for money that we get from the sales of our products and services. We have to spend a lot of money on servers and Internet, pay salary to our programmers, script writers and artists, pay rent, etc. The reality is that income from AOHO can only cover expenses on the server and system administrator, who will take care of network and hardware in case any trouble arises. In this case our script writers, programmers and artists won’t have their salary paid. We are unable to finance any updates or amendments of the game, that is becoming outdated, at our own expense. We suppose there is no investor who would like to do that. If you think that we are wrong and you are ready to invest money in the old version of AOHO, please, send us a message:

An Opportunity to Create the Game Anew

It is the last but not the least reason. Sometimes you just have to stop, start from the very beginning and make it even better than before. We are willing to move forward, reach new heights, and we intend to use a great number of ideas we were unable to implement in the first game.

We worked on AOHO for years, we had ups and we had downs, but we hope the game brought you more pleasure than regret. We thank all the players who stayed with us for all this time, and we will do our best not to disappoint you.

Special offer from Qplaze

27 may 2013

The price of "Vessel of soul" and "Prayer of oblivion" temporarily reduced on all servers.

Hurry! Limited number of free prayers.


Wipe is coming

22 may 2013
Dear players, we have fixed gold copying and items knocking bugs.

The Wipe is coming(All items and gold will be deleted).

Schedule of wipe is:
Ru4: 22.05.2013
Ru2: 23.05.2013
FREE: 23.05.2013
RU1: 24.05.2013
EN1: 24.05.2013
EN2: 24.05.2013
EN3: 24.05.2013

Watch for official news on the site, forum and page on facebook!


AOHO on Facebook

3 february 2012

Buy DG from site! New English servers are opened!

18 january 2012
In the section "Buy DG" available opportunity to pay through user-friendly interface from computer. Two new servers are opened for Brazil and Indonesia [details]

New AOHO client

21 november 2011
New AOHO client 0, 68 is out! [details]

Global update of Age of Heroes Online - "Demonids’ Era "

16 september 2010
For players of the most popular mobile MMORPG within CIS is now available a new version – with new heroes, characters, territories and adventures. [details]

Age of Heroes Online now for Android.

27 may 2010
One of the most popular mobile MMORPG that unites more than 800 000 players is now available on all devices for Android. [details]

Age of Heroes Online – one million users is close!

10 march 2010
On March,2 2010 the number of the registered players of rapidly developing mobile MMORPG Age of Heroes Online exceeded the 500 000 and continues to grow. [details]

Age of Heroes Online – New Year in Serbia!

22 january 2010
In affiliation with LMG Belgrade the first server of Age of Heroes Online was launched in Serbian. [details]

Age of Heroes Online has more than 100 000 players!

16 september 2009
On August, 30 2009 the number of registered players of Age of Heroes Online from CIS surpassed 100 000 people and English-speaking version has already more than 11 000 players! Everyday increase in two game versions is in average more than 1500 people and more than 40 000 a month! [details]

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