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Orcs breed horses, but never ride them as they think this is humiliating. Mainly they sell horses to humans and elves. And also eat...

Global update of Age of Heroes Online - "Demonids’ Era "

16 september 2010
For players of the most popular mobile MMORPG within CIS is now available a new version – with new heroes, characters, territories and adventures.

"They will come from beyond the grey mountains, rise from the wells filled with ashes, and their coming will cause the tremble in the farthest corners of the world. Flaming towers will rise above the burned down forests and the darkness under the mountains will retreat in fear of their flame. Wastelands will become their home and there on the smoking flatlands stone flowers will blossom for them – neither dead nor alive.

They are Demonids. The blood of orcs, elves and humans runs in their veins mixing with fiery blood of demons and flaming portals join their lands with worlds unimaginable for mere mortals. They are persecuted and hated but their new home will be an unassailable fortress and in the shadow of Id city – the capital of hundred of towers, - new temples will rise glorifying strange Gods and announcing the coming of new era.

The Era of Demonids!"

Global update "Demonids’ Era " presents a new race and an entire new land in the world of Age of Heroes Online by Qplaze studio. Dozens of new locations, creatures and tasks will be available for players who will be brave enough to visit the lands of demonids. Three new heroes – Dark Knight, Warlock and Stalker – will seriously change the game balance and lead great variety into the battles between players. More than 900 000 registered players of Age of Heroes Online will have a chance to experience the abilities of new heroes, recruit to their armies more than one and a half dozen of creatures that have unique abilities and go for a dangerous trip through the scorched lands of demonids flooded with flaming lava.

Many changed will be presented to the players of Age of Heroes Online:

Three new demonic heroes – Dark Knight, Warlock and Stalker with their unique abilities, magic spells, tactics and available troops.
Dozens of new units – demons, Cerberus or hell-hounds, nagas, minotaurs, masters of shadows and many others.
A whole new world for true adventurers – plenty of new locations, lakes of boiling lava, demonic temples and cities.
Change in game balance that includes new race and new tactics.
Dozens of new quests and adventures slightly unveiling the secret of the most mysterious race of Age of Heroes Online world.

The latest update of mobile MMORPG Age of Heroes Online is aimed at boosting the growth of its audience and provide the regular players with new space for adventures. Also a great part in the onrushing project distribution plays a flexible partners’ program from which both private individuals and mobile operators and Internet-portals can gain profit.

The list of mobile operators that support the game is constantly growing – at the moment servers of Age of Heroes Online are accessible from mobile operators in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, France, UK, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Serbia, Romania, Peru, Nigeria, Malaysia, Mexico, Montenegro, Macedonia, Luxembourg, Ireland, Greece, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Armenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Israel and South Africa.

Special offer from Qplaze

27 may 2013

The price of "Vessel of soul" and "Prayer of oblivion" temporarily reduced on all servers.

Hurry! Limited number of free prayers.


Wipe is coming

22 may 2013
Dear players, we have fixed gold copying and items knocking bugs.

The Wipe is coming(All items and gold will be deleted).

Schedule of wipe is:
Ru4: 22.05.2013
Ru2: 23.05.2013
FREE: 23.05.2013
RU1: 24.05.2013
EN1: 24.05.2013
EN2: 24.05.2013
EN3: 24.05.2013

Watch for official news on the site, forum and page on facebook!


Dear fans and players of Age of Heroes Online!

25 january 2013
Age Of Heroes Online 2

Qplaze studio has two news for you: one is good and the other is not good. Let us start with the not good one. Sadly enough, the support and development of the current project Age of Heroes Online will be stopped. However, we will not shut down the servers, and we will continue to keep them in good working condition. The good news is, we officially announce – Age of Heroes Online 2.0 will be developed.


AOHO on Facebook

3 february 2012

Buy DG from site! New English servers are opened!

18 january 2012
In the section "Buy DG" available opportunity to pay through user-friendly interface from computer. Two new servers are opened for Brazil and Indonesia [details]

New AOHO client

21 november 2011
New AOHO client 0, 68 is out! [details]

Age of Heroes Online now for Android.

27 may 2010
One of the most popular mobile MMORPG that unites more than 800 000 players is now available on all devices for Android. [details]

Age of Heroes Online – one million users is close!

10 march 2010
On March,2 2010 the number of the registered players of rapidly developing mobile MMORPG Age of Heroes Online exceeded the 500 000 and continues to grow. [details]

Age of Heroes Online – New Year in Serbia!

22 january 2010
In affiliation with LMG Belgrade the first server of Age of Heroes Online was launched in Serbian. [details]

Age of Heroes Online has more than 100 000 players!

16 september 2009
On August, 30 2009 the number of registered players of Age of Heroes Online from CIS surpassed 100 000 people and English-speaking version has already more than 11 000 players! Everyday increase in two game versions is in average more than 1500 people and more than 40 000 a month! [details]

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