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Famous elven bows could be very popular, but they have several «buts»: first, such bow is a living creature grown by elves as a single whole and unable to live without its owner more than one month; second, it is restricted to sell these bows on penalty of death, and any stranger with such weapon can get arrow in his eye from the first elf he met.

Age of Heroes Online – New Year in Serbia!

22 january 2010
In affiliation with LMG Belgrade the first server of Age of Heroes Online was launched in Serbian.

Age of Heroes Online is a developing mobile MMORPG, at the moment it totals more than 400 000 users. Serbian server is the third one launched this year and the first one among the servers localized into European languages.

From this day on all mobile users in Serbia will be able to enjoy the game in their native language. Age of Heroes Online unites users in real time giving them the ability not only to enjoy the adventures in carefully designed fantasy world but also communicate with other players from their mobile devices.

Age of Heroes Online is one of the most rapidly developing mobile projects of its class – more than 3000 registrations a day form one of the largest audiences among mobile games. Serbian localization of the game is the first but not the only one – in the upcoming year it is planned to launch a number of servers that will function on the main European languages. Russian and English game servers at the moment are available from mobile operators of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, France, England, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Romania, Peru, Nigeria, Malaysia, Mexico, Montenegro, Macedonia, Luxembourg, Ireland, Greece, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Armenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Abkhasia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Israel and South Africa.

Apart from mobile version of the game for Serbian players is available also localized browser version of Age of Heroes Online.

Special offer from Qplaze

27 may 2013

The price of "Vessel of soul" and "Prayer of oblivion" temporarily reduced on all servers.

Hurry! Limited number of free prayers.


Wipe is coming

22 may 2013
Dear players, we have fixed gold copying and items knocking bugs.

The Wipe is coming(All items and gold will be deleted).

Schedule of wipe is:
Ru4: 22.05.2013
Ru2: 23.05.2013
FREE: 23.05.2013
RU1: 24.05.2013
EN1: 24.05.2013
EN2: 24.05.2013
EN3: 24.05.2013

Watch for official news on the site, forum and page on facebook!


Dear fans and players of Age of Heroes Online!

25 january 2013
Age Of Heroes Online 2

Qplaze studio has two news for you: one is good and the other is not good. Let us start with the not good one. Sadly enough, the support and development of the current project Age of Heroes Online will be stopped. However, we will not shut down the servers, and we will continue to keep them in good working condition. The good news is, we officially announce – Age of Heroes Online 2.0 will be developed.


AOHO on Facebook

3 february 2012

Buy DG from site! New English servers are opened!

18 january 2012
In the section "Buy DG" available opportunity to pay through user-friendly interface from computer. Two new servers are opened for Brazil and Indonesia [details]

New AOHO client

21 november 2011
New AOHO client 0, 68 is out! [details]

Global update of Age of Heroes Online - "Demonids’ Era "

16 september 2010
For players of the most popular mobile MMORPG within CIS is now available a new version – with new heroes, characters, territories and adventures. [details]

Age of Heroes Online now for Android.

27 may 2010
One of the most popular mobile MMORPG that unites more than 800 000 players is now available on all devices for Android. [details]

Age of Heroes Online – one million users is close!

10 march 2010
On March,2 2010 the number of the registered players of rapidly developing mobile MMORPG Age of Heroes Online exceeded the 500 000 and continues to grow. [details]

Age of Heroes Online has more than 100 000 players!

16 september 2009
On August, 30 2009 the number of registered players of Age of Heroes Online from CIS surpassed 100 000 people and English-speaking version has already more than 11 000 players! Everyday increase in two game versions is in average more than 1500 people and more than 40 000 a month! [details]

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