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Famous elven bows could be very popular, but they have several «buts»: first, such bow is a living creature grown by elves as a single whole and unable to live without its owner more than one month; second, it is restricted to sell these bows on penalty of death, and any stranger with such weapon can get arrow in his eye from the first elf he met.

Age of Heroes Online

Welcome to Age of Heroes Online site, new generation multiplayer mobile game!

Age of Heroes – is a single well developed world, it’s a countless number of big and small stories, it’s a place for feats, explorations and adventures for thousands of players. Age of Heroes has no time or space limits – join us and you’ll see it yourself!

At your service:

  • Three game races, each of them has unique set of features and skills;
  • Nine game classes, with completely different approaches to battle and world exploration;
  • More than one hundred creatures, warriors and monsters; majority of them will be able to join your army;
  • Heroes have hundreds of skills and abilities;
  • Powerful magic and special abilities of heroes, propose new tactical abilities in battle;
  • You’ll find dozens of unique and rear artifacts, lots of ordinary armors and weaponry you can buy in stores;
  • Unique adventures for representatives of all races, lots of tasks, missions and quests;
  • Open and constantly expanding world, global geographic map with growing number of available locations;
  • And finally, lots of players for joint exploration of the world, battles and tournaments!

Also, check for new versions of the game. Soon will appear:

  • Dozens of new locations, hundreds of new objects and quests;
  • Hero’s maximum level grows to 30;
  • And in nearest feature – two new game races – Gnomes and Demonids – and six new heroes.
Age of Heroes IV: Blood & Twilight
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Age of Heroes III: Orc's retribution
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Age of Heroes II: Underground Horror
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Age of Heroes: Army of Darkness
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