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Most of orcs are armed with cheap weapon produced by humans. It is quality is bad enough but it is widespread - that's why you can see in hands of young orcs axes - new-made halberds, and human two-handed swords and bows.

Age of Heroes III: Orc's retribution

Age of Heroes III: Orc's retribution

There was internal war in the orc's land for many years. Clan leaders looking for absolute power didn't know any day of peace. And even in the time they met one common enemy they couldn't unite their forces.

Elves under the rule of merciless warrior Felengir, intruded into the land of their green skinned neighbors destroying everything on their way. Orc's armies were crushed, clan leaders killed or sieged in their fortress.

Now only one orc can resist elves - Rackgul, orc's clan leader who's warriors died in an unequal battle.

He is the one who can unite burnt country, collect the great orc's artifact – Khar's armor, and lead his troops to the victory.

In the third part of the series you will play for orcs – it is known that they are brutal, cruel and ignorant, recognizing only rude power and hating all outer world. But who told that? When you'll become orc's leader, you'll understand – that's only the part of the truth, and of course, the worst one.

For centuries they saw nothing except endless war. Their ancient military traditions have centuries-old history, their traditions matured in the times of pact with old and fearful god. Yes, they do not have peace and will not have peace anymore, but they have courage, wisdom and generosity. However, you're the orc's leader and you can show to the world if these rumors about orcs are lie, or they are completely true.

Your character's mission is to defend his land; any other work is not your business, you don't have to deliver other's letters or grow something in the garden. Any barrier can turn out as a benefit; any creature you meet can turn out as a constant ally in your fight against your enemies, any accidental murder can stop you on your way to the victory. Be ready to listen other's advices and choose your words carefully – the power of orc's word is equal to the power of his axe.

Game features:

  • You will rule 7 new units of orcs, they are Orcs-berserks, goblins, trolls and harharrs – elite of orcish army;
  • Military machines will appear in your army;
  • You will fight against elven army – elven archers, griffons, wise priests and elves-assassins;
  • Your enemies can use magic in the battle too;
  • Some of new units now have special skills. Orcs-berserks – uncontrollable, griffons – can fly and Ents – living trees – tie enemies by their roots;
  • During the campaign many other characters will join to you influencing on your army – they can speed up your army strengthen your attack or double damage;
  • Shamans using magic in the battles will join you. The magic of the elements will let you attack straight, slow down the enemies, speed up your army, enhance your defense and damage. Moreover, new magic system will let you to combine magic schools creating new conjurations of mass destruction like: Rain of Fire and Spirits of Ancestors;
  • You can enlarge your army by the slaves you captured;
  • At least, you can see city walls and the gates on the battlefield. So you'll have to use flying creatures and catapults to deal with it;
  • Of coarse, strategic side of the game was changed too. There are more atmospheric dialogues, so your answers are very important now. Furthermore there are several variants of the game ending.

Graphics was reworked too, now it is brighter, and richer; it has beautiful pictures of locations, dialogues, characters, and optimized animation. Phone model list was extended too.

Now we want to congratulate all series admirers on publication of this game, now you can spend many hours in the world of “Age of Heroes”. It' s gonna be a great purchase. To those who still didn't downloaded this game to the mobile phone we can say – try and win!

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