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Orcs breed horses, but never ride them as they think this is humiliating. Mainly they sell horses to humans and elves. And also eat...

Some facts about elven life

Favorite elven story - about loving couple from Houses which were at enmity with each other. There are at least thirty variants of this story told by different famous bards.

Famous elven bows could be very popular, but they have several «buts»: first, such bow is a living creature grown by elves as a single whole and unable to live without its owner more than one month; second, it is restricted to sell these bows on penalty of death, and any stranger with such weapon can get arrow in his eye from the first elf he met.

Human attitude to nature is disgusting for eleves enough to provoke a lot of conflicts. It is very unpleasant for elves to look on human wooden buildings, they even can't enter those buildings... so, those who travel through human lands prefer to stay in the open air at night.

Elves don't like fire. They almost don't use it - well, may be for cooking, but as lights they prefer magic fires. Even in the time of war they prefer not to use it as weapon... to destroy buildings and fortifications they use magic and seeds of plants able to grow through the hardest stone and take to pieces any human fort in a few hours.

Elves don't cultivate the land. Until the humans came, they didn't know what is wheat or corn, and even knowing they don't want to grow it. Human cereals are very popular among elves and it is one of the main products exported by Empire to Glennytir.

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