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Elves don't cultivate the land. Until the humans came, they didn't know what is wheat or corn, and even knowing they don't want to grow it. Human cereals are very popular among elves and it is one of the main products exported by Empire to Glennytir.

Elven politics

It looks like elven life is very measured and composed, but only for inexperienced observer - they fall in love, they hate, made mistakes and suffer as all other intelligent creatures.

Elves are ruled by High Priestess Queen. It looks like the title of queen is a reminder of those times when church has served to elven kings; the last royal dynasty stopped suddenly more than six thousand years ago, since those times, the title of queen goes to one High priestess from another by approbation of Council of Houses.

It is possible that this way of government was accepted by elves to prevent war between Houses - ancient elven clans - basis of elven society. There are seven great Houses in country of wood elves, their heads are members of the Council, also, there are more than twenty Minor Houses, and struggle between them is the basis of elven internal policy. Humans would have bloody civil war in this situation, but enlightened elves resolve conflicts in other way - their wars are hidden from stranger's eye. History knows twelve Great Houses ceased to exist by different reasons - most of all as a result of their heads death. This way of conflicts resolving is the best for nature of ancient nation, as this nation prefers maximum outcome at minimum cost. The art of intrigue and deceive is very developed among elves, as developed the art of assassins - members of ancient order serving to Houses, and receiving the most difficult missions - murders of politicians, kidnapping and blackmail. Assassins are not numerous but ancient martial traditions and long-term training makes them really dangerous enemies.

Elves always reject war between Houses, and rare deaths of Houses heads and great warriors are explained as natural deaths.

Elven Queen is above the conflicts of Houses and sometimes serve as arbiter in their disputes. Her status of High Priestess guarantees her inviolability and immunity from jurisdiction - as elven High Priestess are selected by Great Tree itself.

Elven church contains three mutually dependent orders, each of them is charged with different aspects of elven society.

Unicorn Order combines priestesses of the Great Tree. It is Unicorn Order from where Great and High Priestess are originating, as the most powerful elven mages. Young girls from all Houses and classes are selected to this order, it's convents and holy groves are very widespread on the territories of elven kingdom. Except healers and foretellers, the Order trains Holy Virgins, which excellence in battle is well worth human paladins. Priestesses of the Order are judges and councilors in all elven Houses.

Order of Griffin is man's order, combining all priests of Holy Tree. Their communities, as a rule, are at the distance from big elven villages, their interests lie in the area of deep studying of magic, nature and history. Some druids of the Order are able to control magic of elements, as a rule unavailable for priestesses; they also can change their physical form at their will, transforming into beasts and other powerful beings. Arch Druid represents the Order in Council of Houses, also majority of elven annalists and teachers belong to the Order of Griffin.

Third order in elven church, being formally separate from Unicorn Order, nevertheless is completely submitted to the High Priestess. Order of Keepers is her personal army, band of elite assassins defending interests of Great priestesses and queen herself. Majority of it's warriors are veterans of many battles deserved the honor to join the Order and to rule sway the destinies of all kingdom.

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