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Orcs have no priests; warriors-berserks are the closest to gods, their holy rage is well known. Berserks live separately from other orcs, sometimes in small community, and often become shamans - well, if they live long enough.

Some facts about humans

However surprising it may seem, humans combine tolerance and intolerance - when majority of them treat other races kindly, some individuals even hate representatives of their own species, if they differ from them by color of skin or shape of eyes.

Human church hates and persecutes children of Invasion - demonids, but educated humans and representatives of other religions treat them normally.

When average human if smaller than average orc, orcs are much more susceptible to alcohol. Human can easily drink more than orc, it is harder for them to drink more than elves, and impossible to drink more than gnomes.

Majority of humans, whoever they are - townsman, students or grandees - don't like Thorns - secret service of Empire. Humans are afraid of them and hate them in the same time; their enmity with church order of All-seeing Eye became a legend.

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