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Orcs have no priests; warriors-berserks are the closest to gods, their holy rage is well known. Berserks live separately from other orcs, sometimes in small community, and often become shamans - well, if they live long enough.

Human politics

Modern Empire of humans has three hundreds years. Eight ruling dynasties were changed during this time, and also there were lots of revolts and internal conflicts, peculiar to human race. Capital of the Empire had changed its location for three times, every time rising in new place and stating its glory as the biggest city of the Empire and the whole world.

Emperor and Emperor's Council - combined from high aristocracy, rule the biggest state of humans, and Church helps them. During all the years roles of the Council and the Emperor have been changing several times: there were Emperors-marionettes controlled by magnates and favorites; there were tyrants who always get what they want; there were wise and kind monarchs, trying to correct mistakes of their predecessors... persons have been replaced one another, but Empire stayed.

Today's policy of Empire is permanent - active trade, pipe laying, joining of new lands and word of God of Light, brought to other races on blades of imperial guard - nothing's new. But today many forces of Empire are directed to keep existing territories, and to get back territories lost after the Invasion.

Empire is composed from nine prefectures; heads are appointed and removed by the Emperor. Prefect has full authority in the region, except military authority - Imperial Generals command troops of imperial guard, there are nine of them, and they also report to the Emperor directly.

Secret service of Empire is the most numerous; it has good agents system all over the world. Sloe is the symbol of the service, so majority of empirers just call them - Thorns. In prefectures secret service is represented by Imperial Observers, overseeing Prefects and Generals, and, if necessary, removing them.

There are other human states except the Empire, slipped from its influence - Sultarim, Shin-Thao, Hai-Samira, and independent principalities of the north. Fragile balance between them and the Empire is insubstantial, ... prospering trade - today, bloody war - tomorrow.

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