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Most of orcs are armed with cheap weapon produced by humans. It is quality is bad enough but it is widespread - that's why you can see in hands of young orcs axes - new-made halberds, and human two-handed swords and bows.

Orcish culture

Written orcish language is quite simple, and, strangely enough, majority of orcs are literate. Of course, overwhelming majority of them will never read something longer than the name of warrior at the entrance of his marquee, and the name of the clan on standard, but we can say the same thing about the majority of humans or gnomes.

Orcish women, as elven women, are equal and have the same rights as men, this is very strange for gnomes so it's the subject for many jokes of gnomes... well, this equality is not absolute.

It's truth that girls of orcs in battle are differ from boys only in figure and quantity of furnishings - but they fight violently, and sometimes even more cruel than boys. It's truth that matured women of orcs have right to build their own marquee and to acquire household effects, and even (horrible for gnomes) pay their addresses to men, make presents to warriors they like and fight with competitors for them.

But it is also the truth that women have no right to participate in clan's councils even after baptism of fire - in contrast to men, woman becomes competent member of council only after the birth of the first child.

Courting and marriage ceremonies also differ from jokes of humans and elves. Paying addresses to a girl it's not just hit of blunt tool to a back of the head, ... admirer has more chances to get heavy wounds after unsuccessful courting. Orcs, as other nations, admire their beloved; they walk under the Moon and make presents - no matter how gnomes doubt in it, sending caravans with tones of furnishings and trappings every year.

Useful arts are not very developed among orcs... just several clans are specialized in blacksmith's work, they are able to create worthy examples of weaponry and armor, but majority of orcish warriors are content with crude articles and weapon captured in battles. Bespoke gnomish axes and heavy swords are distinctive marks of kharhars - elite of orcish troops.

Orcs highly estimate slaves having special skills - blacksmiths, jewellers, weavers. Orcish slavery is differs from, for example, slavery of demonids - it is not lifelong, their attitude to slaves is not as bad as it could be. Majority of orcish slaves, have good chances to survive and even to be released - but orcs almost never need big quantity of slaves, slaves are like burden for orcs. Captive orcs, captured during interclan war will serve as slaves only during one year, and then have right to go home or to join the clan.

There's popular story about elven bard captured by orcs... touched by his song, the orcish leader released captive singer, gave him many presents and even sent one hundred warriors guiding him to the border.

Weapon and adornments - main articles of trade interesting for orcs in external world. They're not the best traders in the world, but fur and skins they sell are valued everywhere - from snowy mountains of gnomes to the capital of human Empire. Also orcs sell their military skills - orcish mercenaries fight in majority of wars in the world, they are known for their fearlessness and peculiar code of honor, also some orcish clans defend human villages and caravans for good reward.

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