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Favorite elven story - about loving couple from Houses which were at enmity with each other. There are at least thirty variants of this story told by different famous bards.

Some facts about orcs

Orcs have no priests; warriors-berserks are the closest to gods, their holy rage is well known. Berserks live separately from other orcs, sometimes in small community, and often become shamans - well, if they live long enough.

Slave-trade brings big profit to clans of orcs, especially slave-trade with demonids race, but most of them prefer ransom for slaves.

Orcs breed horses, but never ride them as they think this is humiliating. Mainly they sell horses to humans and elves. And also eat...

Orcs believe one can take the power of killed warrior by eating his heart. Often they do this on the battlefield, but except of this, they never eat representatives of other races or similar to them. Well, almost never...

Orcs are not monogamous, so theoretically orc is able to have several wives. But practically one can't find such family - orcs explain that it's hard to cope even with one woman of orcs. Other races think that orcs use battle axes in quarrels.

Most of orcs are armed with cheap weapon produced by humans. It is quality is bad enough but it is widespread - that's why you can see in hands of young orcs axes - new-made halberds, and human two-handed swords and bows.

Canine crowns are very popular among orcs - as adornment. Depending on orc's status they can be leaden, steel or gold. Some of them are new-made rings of humans and elves, but most of them are much bigger and serve to hide defects and chips of canines, as they are actively used in battles.

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