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Canine crowns are very popular among orcs - as adornment. Depending on orc's status they can be leaden, steel or gold. Some of them are new-made rings of humans and elves, but most of them are much bigger and serve to hide defects and chips of canines, as they are actively used in battles.

Play on mobile

Age of Heroes Online mobile version is supported by most existing phone models and allows to play in any place with mobile connection.

To install game from mobile phone:

You can download the client by telephone on a short link:

To install game from computer to mobile phone:

Download aoho_en.jad and aoho_en.jar files on computer, and transfer it to mobile phone over bluetooth, usb or flash drive:

To download client for Anroid based phones follow the link bellow:

To download game with SMS link

Send SMS to short number for your country. You will recieve link to the game in few minutes

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