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Human attitude to nature is disgusting for eleves enough to provoke a lot of conflicts. It is very unpleasant for elves to look on human wooden buildings, they even can't enter those buildings... so, those who travel through human lands prefer to stay in the open air at night.

World Age of Heroes Online


Orcs call it Hri-Hoar, Steppe, surrounded by seas and mountains, floating in great emptiness under weariless eye of Father of Ravens.

Gnomes call it the Rock - Rham, opposite to heaven with shining stones - stars, and hot fireplace of the Sun in it.

Aivail o'Emielle - "place of forests and plains" - that's how elves call it, they were the first who set foot on this land.

Aivail - that's how first humans knowing Elder Language called it.

So many names for one world that became home for everyone.

It's sands absorbed blood of thousands of warriors. It's winds fanned fires, and rains extinguished them, races have been dying under it's skies.

World map of 'Age of Heroes Online'

Aivail - world of heroes

It is 169th year Ninth epoch, 1258th year since the Day of Advent by human calendar, and 3432th year according to holy books of gnomes.

Time of peace

Unexpected and long-awaited for many creatures.

Human empire lost more than one third of its territory in the east after the Wars of Invasion, now it is thrown back to its old borders - Gates of Thunder and the Great Wall. Many human settlements now are beyond it's bounds, on unlawful territories, in lands of elves and orcs. Raids of imperial armies called to protect the settlements often turn into large-scale armed conflicts with orcs, demonids and even elves - but these conflicts never develop into permanent warfare.

After the defeat inflicted on orcs in famous Battle on the Plain, at Ludien Emielle, elves grow roots in Glennitir again. Their country is now twice smaller that it was before - all their territories in the south, behind the River of Tears, went to demonids and became the part of Black Glennitir. However, elves, after their recent come back to Aivail, are still not numerous to carry out conquests; their forests, being empty for such a long time, require special attention.

Orcish clans live their usual way of life… today, when almost one hundred years are gone after the death of Rakgul the Destroyer, only memory remains from orcish united country. Each clan, as in ancient times, performs its own policy and looks for its own enemies. Some of them selected human settlements on the borders of Empire as their target, they trade with demonids. Some of them still make plundering raids on elves; and some of them - sell their skills to those who pays better… to gnomes and humans as a rule.

For the first time after many centuries gnomes have united kingdom. Alvin the Stonehearted united eighteen biggest gnomish clans under the power of Downhill throne, and annihilated all other clans. For the first time in many long years gnomes performed territorial expansion, they returned to their deserted settlements in Karraig mountain range. They also make armed raids to orcish steppes, to oilfields and ore deposits.

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